Internet Booking Engine and Central Reservation System


E-booking is Internet Booking Engine (IBE) and Central Reservation System (CRS)  designed for direct on-line booking and payment, intended for accommodation objects of all types and sizes.


Direct on-line booking
E-booking service enables guest to book accommodation directly at hotel, real-time, without waiting for answer, regardless of time difference or hotel working time.

Direct on-line payment
E-booking provides guest with secure on-line payment, and payment security is guaranteed by 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology.

Quick and easy accommodation search
Potential guests can search complete accommodation offer in simple and intuitive user interface, and get pricing availability information for requested season in a moment.

System suggests alternatives
In a case the chosen accommodation unit is not available in a certain period, system proposes most similar alternative units. The goal of this approach is to keep potential guests on hotel web site and to let them find a suitable accommodation unit.

Price calculations in different currencies
Guests can see the price in whatever currency they choose and the price is automatically recalculated any time reservation terms are changed.

Multilingual interface
Multilingual interface allows guests to make a reservation in language that suits them best.

No more waiting for confirmation from hotel
Guests don't have to wait any more to get a confirmation which sometimes can take even few days. The cause is most commonly a human factor (e-mail communication time) and/or time zone differences. Now E-booking does that type of work for You and guest gets a confirmation automatically in a seconds.

Guest satisfaction
Final result is a guest satisfaction with quick and quality service on the highest technological level which contributes to hotel competitive advantages.


E-booking is constantly improved
Hotel gets advanced, top quality information service for real time on-line reservation and payment which is constantly improved with new functionalities arising from hotel and guests needs. Our development team is opened for Your suggestions and requests to make the system even more adjusted to You.

E-booking improvement is free
Permanent system improvements do not generate any cost for the user/hotel, it is all financed by us!

Quick and simple installation
E-booking integration with hotel web site is quick and simple and can be done in different ways. For the example, it is possible to set up the quick search interface directly on hotel web or it can be called by simple hyperlink. 

Visual adjustment to hotel brand (white label solution)
To make the integration complete E-booking is visually adjusted to hotel web page. E-booking is provided as "white label" solution, and Booking IT logo is not shown anywhere on hotel web site.

E-booking solves time zone differences problem
The hotel with E-BOOKING implemented becomes available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter of hotel working hours, time zone, personnel occupation and similar factors.

E-booking is a sales tool
It is possible to easily create actions like last minute, 7 for 6, special discounts, to define special holiday or weekend prices etc... that can attract individual guests. Even more, the hotel can adjust E-booking for different types of guests (common guests, companies, partners, agencies...) who can be offered special terms and treatment.

Detailed information momentary available
Your guests can momentary see availability, detail accommodation information, pictures and descriptions, additional services, price calculations, special actions, discounts,...

Direct reservation
Reservation is confirmed immediately by system. Guest gets the confirmation automatically upon making the reservation and availability is instantly updated. Hotel personnel can view all reservations through intuitive user interface.

Personnel disburdening, lower costs
Direct reservation system allows hotel personnel to use their time much more efficiently (no multiple e-mails, no language differences, no phone costs, automatic credit card validation...).

Solves communication trouble problems
Multilingual interface solves communication trouble problems with potential guests who don't speak same world languages as hotel personnel. It is also possible to add new languages to E-BOOKING according to hotel needs.

Stop booking
It is simple to temporally stop booking and it can be done for all or for part of capacities. All the availability information is preserved after the reactivation.

E-booking is flexible
All of system characteristics are flexible and not limited only to predefined concepts, categories, services... Hotel can define specific system elements, if they already don't exist, and it would be all translated to all of supported languages.

E-booking is completely our solution
E-booking is completely Booking IT product and it doesn't contain any other manufacturer's program code parts! Genuine code ownership is completely in our hands so the system can be indefinitely expanded, improved and adjusted to user needs.

Direct online payment
Hotel can choose the payment method (full amount, deposit...). If the credit card doesn't pass the validation procedure (credit card limit or something else...), system will try to keep guests by allowing them to sent enquiry to hotel personnel who then can decide about reservation confirmation. Hotel can be connected with payment system by itself or through our company.

Flexible hotel policies
System supports both standard and non-standard hotel policies.
It is possible to define different cancellation and no show policies, as well as earliest and latest possible reservation in different periods. So, for the example, it is possible to set up one policy and terms during peak season and other during rest of the year.

E-booking is secure
All of money transactions are protected by SSL secure technology with 128 bit encrypted key which guarantees secure internet payment. System also supports Visa 3D Secure program for safer internet payment by entering additional PIN.

Individual guests increase
In time when Internet is important part of our lives, like phone or cell phone, direct reservation offers internet users what they are used to get - quick information. Adjustment of your business manners to this market share needs can lead to significant increase of reservations directly on hotel web site.

Guest satisfaction
By implementing E-BOOKING you can also increase Your guests satisfaction by providing them fast, simple and direct reservation.

GDS and IDS/ADS distribution
E-booking is not only system for real-time reservations but also a distribution tool. System is connected with all of 4 world leading GDS (Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan) and in that way hotel is distributed to date bases approached by 500 000 travel agents in the world.
Even more, at no additional cost You are distributed to IDS/ADS (Internet and Alternative distribution systems) assembling more then 1200 web sites (like,,,,, and other...).
Complete availability and prices are managed from one place!

E-booking solves many problems related to other ways of making a reservation and it is logical step forward to improve hotel internet presentation in relation to constantly increasing online reservation trend. E-booking becomes Your competitive advantage in relation to hotels which don't have real time reservation system implemented, as well as strong marketing tool. 


Scheme of distribution system