About us


Booking IT will be global company dedicated to development and constant improvement of IT products for booking and accommodation distribution, including products for boosting hotel sales.

To make booking and distribution processes easier and to increase our client's sales results!

Our strategic goal is to strengthen our Central and Eastern European customer base and to continue internationalization of our bussiness, especially on Mediterranean markets.
Our production strategy is to provide our clients with an answer to rapid market and technological changes through constant service improvement.
Our bussiness strategy is based on firm and long-term partnerships with our clients and other organisations which could contribute to bussiness development.



We are tending to achieve high quality level in all of our work.

Customer orientation
Customer is a key factor in achieving our constant improvement vision. Therefore, our customers ate first place in all of our interactions. Long-term partnership with all of our users is the only bussiness model that can guarantee permanent success.

We are dedicated to highest ethical standards in all of our work.

Our goal is to contribute to our stakeholders, employees, our social environment and especially to our clients.